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don’t touch me right now


don’t touch me right now



Looks like someone recently watched Evangelion.

[left: stills from Free! Eternal Summer, episode 9; right: stills from Neon Genesis Evangelion episode 1 and opening, Evangelion 1.0, Evangelion 2.0 and Evangelion Q]

Free! You must (not) swim freestyle

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so sorry for my delayed response to this email, i have been very swamped being a confused and frightened idiot who can’t do basic life tasks like respond to her emails





Laverne Cox in the music video for "You & I" by John Legend

Side note: This video is beautiful and wonderful and I cried

This is legit so beautiful. Like. Future wedding song right here I stg

she has an incredible amount of sexual lure about her and it’s mesmerzing

Please watch this music video. Oh my God. The diversity is so amazing and refreshing. They include almost if not every race. They have a woman with vitiligo. They have lesbians. It has body diversity. It shows women’s breasts and bodies in an unsexualized way. There’s a little girl with downs syndrome. AND LAVERNE. ONE SHE’S SO FUCKING STUNNING EVEN WITHOUT MAKEUP BUT OH MY GOD A TRANS WOMEN. THE REPRESENTATION. My favorite part though, besides all of the different women, was probably the way they were portayed. We see them putting on makeup, we see them taking it off. We see women on their wedding days, we see women with their children. We see women sick. We see little and young girls, too. We see women in suits being powerful. We see women going to job interviews and at school. We see women graduating from college. We see women crying. We see women laughing. We see women showering and at unflattering angles and we see women exercising and kissing their partners and we see women as something we hardly ever, ever see in the mainstream media… People. We see realistic women doing things that women do and it’s just so beautiful and refreshing. 


Hey lil buddies.
I hope ur all ok.
Have you eaten yet? Taken your meds? Are you looking after yourself?
Be brave ok, ur strong, you’ve got this. I love you.


It took me forever..but here it isFree! Motimationals posters gifs~

Yes, that was Dory’s quote ( uwu)~

(Realmente los había hecho pensando en mi~  … ¡pero seguro que hay otra persona que también los necesita!)


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cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat


do you ever type without thinking and use the wrong their/there/they’re and just stare at it for a while like I cant fcuking believ,





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10/10 would bang.

But also:

10/10 would care for you
10/10 would tuck you in
10/10 would cuddle
10/10 would make sure you get to sleep okay
10/10 would make you breakfast in the morning

16 year old child:mom, dad: I'm gay/lesbian/bi/pan
Straight parents:you're too young to know what your sexuality is! It's just a phase.
Baby boy:*stares at a baby girl for no reason other than the fact that babies stare at everything*
Straight parents:oooh! Ladies man! We're gonna have to keep the girls offa you!